The Chinese Dillema  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

bought myself a copy of this book while shopping for stuffs to bring back home for the long break. I was initially not too sure about buying the book, due to the fact that the title reminds me heaps about Dr. Mahathir's famous 'The Malay Dillema' - a book whose ideas and thoughts can be quite blunt and offensive. nevertheless, i believe the book will be able to answer some questions i have regarding my understanding of Malaysia, as the reviewer mentioned at the back page:

"What the author has done is to discuss publicly issues which are often discussed privately, and that he has adopted a non-partisan view...This book should be read by the younger generations of Malaysians. It may help unprejudiced mind to see things in a better perspective"

Khoo Kay Kim

Different from Dr. Mahathir, Ye chooses to explore Malay-Chinese relations in a more cautious way - his delicate approach is good enough to even allow those hardcores to continue reading. He also has some points that made me look hard and deeper inside of me as a Malaysian Chinese. He tries to convince his readers that affirmative action is not as bad as portrayed, but understand that crutches must be released some day so one could walk properly on one’s two feet.

He also made a point that the Chinese is not always right. He does not see much sense at crying foul whenever opportunity arises without really understanding why, though he acknowledges that most of it is due to our shared history and to this.

Its a book of balanced view, and is not intended to influence people. its more of a book to present you arguments from both sides, and leave the decision making to you yourself.

My advice:

if youre a Chinese that likes to complain and moan about the problems in the county, read it. youll realize that things are as bad as they look like.

if youre a Malay, this book can help you gain an insight of a Chinese mind, what is he thinking, and why is he thinking in such ways.

* ready to borrow the book shall anybody wants to read it.

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