things i did over the hols + 2009 review.  

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being back home.

what have i been doing over the past 28 days of bein at home?

- beat the good ol' Caesar 3 video game again.
- practiced and learned some new tunes for pipe band drumming.
- ate heaps of malaysian stuff (paying back for what ive missed over the 2 years i was at NZ)
- had considerably less alcohol (quite happy for that, they burn your wallet)
- stayed completely away from tobacco products (really happy at that)
- met some old friends, and realized that our conversation topics have changed a lot as well
- learned how to play mahjong (will need em to bond with my dad)
- watched the re-air of Nur Kasih and ended up looking around for its DVD box set.
- applied my DIY skills at home.
- almost finishing my Ricky Ponting diary.
- found out that my savings have doubled over the 2 years i was overseas (appreciating AUD values + untouched government money at BSN)
- dropped heaps of postcards to my mates overseas.
- wondering how fourth year at IPBA will be like.


how did i lived through my 2009?

in a blast. lots of new things and lots of experiences. i learned, i toiled, i loved, and i lived.

2009 is the year of experiences - from learning to working, RA-ing (how to handle drunk parties), partying, traveling, hunting, sailing, farming, DIY-ing, BBQ-ing, how to select the best steak cuts, worked on my financial management skills, competed in a pipe band championship for the first time, hardened my drinking ability (need em to socialize in NZ), making my own gourmet coffee, fishing, driving a quadbike, riding a horse, bungy jumping from a bridge, and developed appreciation towards cultural diversity.

in fact, these experiences made me found myself changed so much that i can see myself as a kiwi, and starting to look at prospects of possibly settling down at NZ someday. knowing that i have 4-5 years of work to pay off my scholarship, i realized my options are limited. i can try to hook a rich kiwi girl and ask her to pay my scholarship - which is unbelievably impossible (although it doesnt mean i did not try it), or i can build up contacts while im here, hoping that they will assist me once i started seeking chances to return to NZ. so far, im satisfied with what ive got - its just the business of keeping them.

2009 is also the year where i learned about relationships. from simple stuffs such as keeping a conversation flowing to complicated stuff such as managing a romantic relationship. i learned a lot from the RSA pubs - folks from pipe band circles always adjourned there after practices or performance. i went out for a couple of dates, found myself in a sort of relationship that requires a lot of patience and understanding, and discovered my preference for a partner whose cultural background and ethnicity differs from mine. guess i like other cultures so much that i want something different to be close to me.

as 2009 draws to a close, i can see 2009 as a unique, and defining year for what i am going to achieve in years to come - career and relationship wise especially. i look forward to 2010, and i will try my best to make the most out of it.

goodbye 2009, and 2010 here i come!

adjusting to Malaysian life  

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i still go around with ASB and national bank's EFTPOS cards, i still walk around in supermarket looking for vegemite and tasty cheese, i blurbled out "dollars" when i order keropok lekor in malay, my desktop widgets still show the weather of auckland and im definitely still getting emails from Smith&Caugheys and

Hokkien Song - Ai Pia Jia Eh Iah  

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Was browsing through youtube and i found this song. its one of those songs that remind me of my teenage days, and some chinese wedding receptions that ive been to, where some chinese uncles just cant stop singing the song.

Ai Pia Jia Eh Iah is a classic hokkien song, and probably the only hokkien song that most non-hokkien Chinese people know and heard of. ive even heard a Malay pak cik sing this in a Chinese wedding before, to my amazement. I still remember my dad turning this song on out loud to motivate himself sometimes, whenever he feels tired working and stuff. Being a Hokkien myself, the motivation factor does work on me, albeit on a lesser extent than on my dad.

I took sometime putting this song up with the lyric in Chinese and Hanyu Pinyin. English translation is taken from another website (should be, so the english translation is not as accurate. I hope this song will give the motivation for all of us to achieve our dreams, regardless if you are a hokkien, cantonese, hakka, malay, india, ang mor(whites) or even our african brothers.

Ai piah jia eh iah (爱 拼 才 会 赢)
You Gotta Fight To Win

jit si shi ji ng mien luang thaan
一 时 失 志 不 免 怨 叹
do not lose belief even when you lose hope

Jit si lok piek ng mien tan thaan
一 时 落 魄 不 免 胆 寒
do not be scared even if youre dreaded

na tang sit khi hi bang
那 怕 失 去 希 望
If there’s no hope,

mui jit chui baang baang
每 日 醉 茫 茫
Whole day just go get drunk

bo hun uu thae chiin chiing eu chau laang
无 魂 有 体 亲 像 稻 草 人
No more soul, but got body just like a scarecrow

lang siin kho bee si hai seong eh por luong
人 生 可 比 是 海 上 的 波 浪
Life is just like an ocean’s wave

u si khi u shi lok
有 时 起 有 时 落
Sometimes up sometimes down

ho un phai un
好 运 歹 运
Good forture bad fortune

chong mai ciao ki kang lai kia
总 嘛 要 照 起 来 行
Just accept and get thru it

sa hun thi jhu tia
三 分 天 注 定
3 points it’s destined

chit hun khor pha pia
七 分 靠 打 拼
7 points you just gotta fight hard

ai piah jia eh iah
爱 拼 才 会 赢
You gotta fight, then you can win

first day in KL  

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its weird. KL is suddenly so foreign to me.

Highland Games.  

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spot me.

NZ foodstuffs that ill miss dearly  

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Snake Jellys

Mother Energy Drink

whitaker's peanut slab

Speights Gold Medal Ale

Big Ben Pie.

yep, im officially 3 days away from going home.