Dont Give Up On Me - Jason Aldean  

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I don't go to church enough
I curse out loud, I drink too much
I'm more of a sinner than a saint

Got a dusty Bible on my shelf
I just pick it up when I need help
Lord knows there's a lot I need to change
And I want to, baby, you make me want to

You tie the knot
When I'm at the end of my rope
You never stop believin' in me
When I don't know who I am
Or what I'm supposed to be
I don't give you no good reason
But baby, don't give up on me

I've smoke my last cigarette
At least a hundred times I bet
I guess I'll just keep quittin' til' it sticks

But for all the things I've failed to do
I've never failed at lovin' you
We both know I can't grant your every wish
But I want to, baby, you make me want to

You tie the knot
When I'm at the end of my rope
You never stop believin' in me
When I don't know who I am
Or what I'm supposed to be
I don't give you no good reason
But baby, don't give up on me

what a ruckus.  

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cant believe this is how state assemblymen - elected by the people are being treated by the police. this is just horrendous, bloody shame too.

37 more days to go.  

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i love New Zealand, i can see myself staying, get a high mistress, raise a family and retire here.

too bad i have contracts to fulfill

kiwis and their love for gumboots  

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was walking around the Warehouse (supermarket that sells everything excluding food) today when i found these collection of gumboots for sale. small to large, black to yellow, plain to flowerful.

back at msia where i grew up, all i can remember about gumboots is that it was worn by mostly indonesian workers that toiled their days washing dishes behind big Chinese restaurants. and we surely dont call them gumboots - we call em' rubber boots.

but here in New Zealand, farmers wear em. rural folks wear em, its not strange to see a farmer walks into a rural pub and buys himself a beer in the evenings wearing gumbots full of mud! not to mention that handymen too wears them in the city. in a nutshell, they are everywhere.

even i bought myself a pair of gumboots when i was doing farm works at the south island. as local blokes day - it keeps the water out, and the smell in.

in fact, Fred Dagg - a character that portrays the most stereotypical Kiwi even wrote a song that celebrate Kiwis and their affair with gumboots. check this out.

Fred dagg is the guy singing - dressing in a very typical Kiwi bloke - black singlet, jeans, and of course - gumboots.

heres the song in full - with lyrics.


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where? Waiheke Island
y? we wanted to go there
with? jess
how? ferry
what you did there? ferry ride, laughing at some 'ah lians', sunbath, reading, lotion lathing, sleeping, beer, bread and dips, strawberry, play with seawater, toss football, photos.

Whats happening.  

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24 - Waiheke Island with Jess
27 - Langtchng 301 due
31 - full day practice: pipe band

2 - road trip: round north Island till 5th
7 - Helensville: pipe band performance
12 - party, get drunk with jess: her birthday
14 - Educ 348 exam
16 - Linguist 307 exam, partay!!
17 - send off Jess
21 - pipe band parade at queen street
27 - Cohort 4 goodbye dinner
28 - Auckland Highland Games: pipe band competition
29 - Auckland Farmers parade.
30 - return uniform

3 - flight home.

Northland 2  

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we BBQ till late night, and went to bed a contented lot.

as for me, i stayed up for a bit, walking around the beachhead with my iPod playing some Nesian Mistik and Katchafire, under extreme lack of lighting, i cant even see my fingers if i lift my hands up!

met Martijn on my way back, and found out that hes doing the same thing himself. since theres a mat around, i proposed that we have a whisky and drink them along the walk. later that night, i slept looking at the stars.

got up the next morning a happy person. with Jess skippering the wheel, the team drove towards the Tane Mahuta forest - to see some giant Kauri trees.

drove to a small town called kohukohu, and boarded the ferry

reached the forest about 10am. and snapped some photos. heres some of em.

these trees are big as. youre talking about trees that might need 20-30 people to form a circumference around it. here some stats for you folks out there.

After the trees, we drove back to auckland.


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the day started well. went down the road to pick the car up with Jess and started loading. the little red car is then christened with the name "little Chilli" - small yet packed with power. now its all about waiting for the other car consisting of martin bas and agnes to start the drive. after some confusion and discussion, it was then decided that we will drive up to Paihia and then spend our friday night there before continuing our drive to Kaitaia.

day 1 - Auckland - Wellsford - Whangarei - Paihia.

its decided that i will drive first, at Jess hasnt really know auckland's motorways and stuff, plus she has never driven on the left side of the road before. she will then take over the steering wheel once we get to Orewa, pass the toll. Tried to get some music on, but guess the stupid Ipod-Radio transmitter crap doesn't seem to work well in the city, since there's too many radio stations around. Jess looked kinda funny when she started driving, continously flipping the windshield when she wants to indicate turning. but shes done well. a pretty good driver too.

managed to snap a bit of photo on the way.

Reached Wellsford about 6pm. spent an hour waiting for them only to know that they took route 16 instead of SH1. played a bit of guitar and managed to get a bit of sing along too in the car while waiting for those folks.

Jess continued to drive while i DJed in the car, playing things from lady gaga (since she likes it) to Bollywood and Banghra. Fueled up at Whangarei and i took over till we reached Paihia. checked in at a backpackers, made dinner (pasta with mince and sundried tomato and garlic gravy), and went to bed.

day 2 Paihia - Kaitaia - Cape Reinga - 90 mile beach - Ahipara.

started the day early, left Paihia at about 6 ish and reached Kaitaia at about 8. had some breakfast at McD, i would personally prefer to have it at some local cafe, some nice hot bacon and eggs + a cup of hot latte will be good. There is nothing like having a breakfast at a local small town cafe. some took pancakes at McD, while i settled for Kiwi Big Breakfast.

its basically 2 sausages + 2 scrambled eggs + 2 bagels + hash brown and a cup of coffee. unlike Malaysia, coffee here is not bottomless. how i miss those days where i can have bottomless coffee while reading papers at KL sentral McD.

We signed up for the Harrisons tour of cape reinga after that. we all hopped on the bus, and off we go.

the tour guide cum bus driver is a proud Maori called Dennis. He gives us good information about the origins of the countless small towns we passed by on the way to Cape Reinga. most of the time its about the meaning of the names: Awanui (awa-big, nui-water), Waipapa-Kauri (Wai-river, papa - flat land, kauri - a type of native NZ tree), i cant remember the rest.

we stopped by at the cape where theres shallow water and nice scenery. so we all hopped doen and snapped some photos. I started asking everybody to strike the asian or 'ah lian' style pose ans heres what i got:

Agnes might be somehow Asian inside of her - quite natural isnt it? she even managed to add in the shrunken shoulder!
i dont think guys do ah lian pose, but Martijn decided to give it a go anyway. he needs more work.

i was asked about how an asian guy will pose. i was at lost trying to think about an 'ah beng' pose. do we have that? anyways, i took some of my own solo photos too.

gambar jiwang gitu kan?

We continued the bus ride. had a jumbo ice cream at Te Kao, and later on was brought to a nice beach. heres some photos taken at the beach:

the beach

Jess, Bas, Tone

Jess and Tone

and of course, me.

a little bit of my art photo.

sat on the bus for another while before we hit the climax ot the tour, Cape Reinga. it turned foggy and it started to rain when we reached the cape. luckily as we ascended the hill to reach the firehouse, the weather cleared up.

the thick fog as we begin our ascend

starting to clear up
Thats the Pacific Ocean

the firehouse + the distance signboard.

now thats what matter to me. i think KL is like 12 degrees north from equator

The whitewashes indicates where the currents of Tasman sea and Pacific Ocean meets.

group photo

one crazy photo

with jess.

After the whole episode on cape reinga, we were then driven to the sand dunes for some sandboarding! these sand dunes can go as high as 100 meters, and they have quite a steep angle. climbing up with the sliding board aint easy, imagine losing half of your every single climbing step as the sand disintegrates under pressure from your feet. but its sure fun!

the steep hill. damn these buggers are a pain to climb onto!


of course what follows next is that we were given a drive around the 90 mile beach. Tour guide Dennis mentioned that the origin of the beach name was that there was a preacher that spent 3 days walking about the beach preaching the Gospel, taking 30 mile each day. We were then sent back to Kaitaia.

we then drove to Ahipara, at the southern end of the 90 mile beach to setup our camp by the beach. the beach is owned by some Maori farmers, who generously only charged us 5 dollars for a night's stay. here are some of the photos around the beach:

up the hills

camp ground with little chilli posing in the background

ventured inland to find some firewood, unfortunately, as it rained for a bit that day, most of the firewood are wet. luckily they burned alright that night. everybody had a barbie with sausages and beer + a good time socializing with each other.

will continue at part 2. its getting a bit too long here.

Jess also had an entry bout the trip. read it here:

Road trip on a crunch week.  

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destination: all over Northland.
with who: my beautiful jessica swing, martijn and bas the dutch duo, agnes the swede, amanda and thea and tone the norwegian.
vehicle: cars..what else? watties?
what to do: drive, sight seeing, photos, fish, barbie, beer, warm sun, fireplace, friends.
budget: hmm... dont wana think about it. ill be allright.

anybody got a foldable chair?
have to look for Con to get a fishing rod.

Pembekuan Posting Guru Selama 2 Tahun bermula 2010  

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Extracted as it is from

Ps: This issue is not yet officially announced by the ministry of education of Malaysia. But if it happened, what will happened to my juniors? Article credited to

Tanjong Malim, 4 Oktober – Profesor Dr. Zakaria Kasa, Timbalan Naib Canselor Akademik & Antarabangsa Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) mengeluarkan kenyataan semua penempatan lepasan UPSI ke sekolah-sekolah terpaksa dibeku bermula 2010.

Kenyataan tersebut dipetik dalam ucapan perasmian yang disampaikan beliau dalam ‘Simposium Halatuju Pendidikan Fizik Di Malaysia’ anjuran Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains (PMS) dengan kerjasama Jabatan Hal Ehwal Pelajar & Alumni (JHEPA) UPSI yang berlangsung di Bilik Seminar Bitarasiswa semalam.

Dalam pada itu katanya, pembekuan semua penempatan ke sekolah-sekolah ini dikeluarkan oleh pihak Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM) melibatkan semua institusi yang mengeluarkan bakal-bakal guru bukan sahaja di UPSI malah di IPTA lain yang menawarkan program pendidikan termasuk Institut Perguruan (IPG) di seluruh negara berikutan masalah kewangan yang dialami pihak Kerajaan Malaysia.

Beliau pada awalnya mengambil langkah untuk tidak mengumumkannya kepada pelajar kerana bimbang menjejaskan motivasi pelajar untuk meneruskan pengajian namun bertukar fikiran dengan mengumumkannya semalam kerana beranggapan perkara tersebut harus diketahui semua pihak sebagai langkah persediaan.

Sementara itu, beliau turut menjelaskan penempatan untuk graduan pada tahun ini tidak mengalami masalah kerana tindakan membekukan penempatan tersebut hanya bermula tahun hadapan.

Beliau walau bagaimanapun tidak mengeluarkan kenyataan bertulis berkenaan perkara tersebut dan hanya diselitkan dalam ucapan perasmiannya semalam.

Dalam perkembangan berkaitan, seorang mahasiswa UPSI mendakwa menerima mesej melalui Sistem Pesanan Ringkas (SMS) daripada rakannya dari sebuah IPG mengatakan perkara yang sama minggu lalu. Katanya dalam e-mel yang dihantar ke, pelajar terbabit mengatakan keluaran UPSI dan IPTA lain yang tamat pengajian bermula tahun hadapan, perlu menunggu selama 2 tahun sebelum ditempatkan ke sekolah-sekolah.

Tambahnya, pelajar IPG yang dijadual ditempatkan ke sekolah-sekolah pada tahun hadapan akan diawalkan penghujung tahun ini bersama-sama dengan keluaran UPSI dan IPTA lain yang bergraduat pada tahun ini.

Keadaan ini menurutnya mempunyai kaitan dengan masalah yang berlaku apabila lambakan graduan pendidikan di seluruh negara.

Mengulas tentang perkara tersebut, Exco Akademik & Kerjaya Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP), Nur Aqilah Hanis berkata pihaknya akan mendapatkan penjelasan lanjut berkenaan perkara tersebut daripada TNC Akademik sendiri supaya tidak berlaku kekeliruan.

“Isu ini boleh menjadi isu nasional, bukan hanya melibatkan UPSI sahaja, jadi lebih baik kalau saya dapatkan dulu penjelasan secara terperinci daripada Prof. Dr. Zakaria dan Bahagian Akademik supaya maklumat sebenar dan tepat diperoleh sebelum saya mengulas lanjut.

“Kita tak mahu isu ini menjadi sebab untuk kita bertelagah, apa yang penting selepas kita mendapatkan maklumat tersebut, kita akan fikirkan penyelesaiannya. Jadi semua pihak diharap dapat bersabar”, jelasnya.

Hmm..whats gonna happen to me?

Bloody Law School  

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its 8.45am when i stepped into the law school library, hoping to find a carrel/cubicle to study in.

you know what, theres none left, and youre talking about 50 of em in the library. all filled with students, 8.45am ok...

bloody hell. kiasu macam haram.

I feel like going to a wine tasting event.  

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its probably the time to shop a case of wines to bring back home to Malaysia.
will scout around for a session.