"Were flatmates, we shouldnt hook up"  

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I finally lived to see why my residence's motto is

Apologies to Jessica Swing @ http://jessicaswing.sustudents.org/

"Were flatmates, we shouldnt hook up"

The reason - 2 of my flatmates are dating each other. awkward as,

John Key at David Letterman's show  

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Top 10 reasons you should visit New Zealand - straight from the mouth of the Prime Minister himself! ill bet that youll have a good laugh watching it.

i just rejected a girl today.  

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how cruel i was.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.  

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Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri untuk rakan-rakan saya yang beragama Islam.

semoga Syawal ini membawa keberkatan kepada semua.

English: To My Muslim friends, Have a good Eid-Ul-Fitr.

My Malaysian Dream  

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blog entry from my old Friendster account  

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was bored and not knowing what to do, and i checked my friendster.

nowadays, its just a freaking ghost town where all you get is postings from some sexy girl from US asking for a webcam session with ya. i was about to close the browser when i thought, "didnt i used to blog of friendster?"

hence i loaded the page and had a read. and one of the writings interested me.

its about me sending my brother to Auckland at KLIA.

"Kinda weird so send this guy off, u feel like wan to get rid
of him,( he seems to be reporting everything I did to my mom, and I am kinds
uneasy with it) , but at the same time, he’s been around u for the past 19
year.. so I guess I will be weird not to see him around….

Saw him for the first time in a full gear, suits with ties,
and 2 label pins, one with “Malaysia Airlines – student” and “Kementerian
pelajaran Malaysia” on it. He looks real smart, and he looks macam those
corporate guy..haha..what ever

Cant wait to participate in all these next year..geram oso,
seeing him and his pals…well I will be kinda lonely there…my university..there
is 7 guys I think, and 3 of them oledy so busy with GF..guess ill end up
hanging up with faris and con there next year..haha..hope con has some time to
entertain me..

Listening to sore- pergi tanpa pesan…soundtrack from berbagi
suami..very jiwang and blue punyer song…so in a sober mode..

Hey..lupa nak cakap…my dad bought a new car..for me mom..
says that the tiara is too old for my mom, nanti rosak plak.. he will drive the
tiara, and leave the kenari to my mom, how sweet is that…"

reading this post reminds me of my own send off, it was fast, and not at emotional as some other folks in my cohort. oh yea, the post was written at 2007. apologies for the bad English. some aspects of the article seem to came out quite true - the pat of hanging out with Faris especially. haha.

well, my NZ experience is coming to an end this 6-12-09. just got it confirmed.

I fell in love with Gold Label.  

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Iwent to a pub today and talked to a guy about my toothache. He suggested that i sink my tooth in a bit of whisky, since the alcohol could numb it. he went ahead and ordered me a glass of whisky on ice. upon the whole action of sinking and drinking, i was not impressed by the numbing sensation, but the smoothness of the whisky itself. i asked him whats the whisky he ordered for me....

Meet Johnnie Walker Gold Label.

heres some description of the whisky from some experts:

The Johnnie Walker Gold Label blends several whiskeys that have all been aged at least 18 years. Blended whiskeys, in general, can also contain grain alcohol, however, Johnnie Walker only uses single malts to blend for its Gold. Even though it says 18 years, you will find whiskeys that are at least 2 decades old as 18 years is the bare minimum age of any addition.

The Gold is strikingly “Scottish” as the peat and heather reach your nostrils a foot away. You will nose different aromas from sip to sip, so I will just be on the safe side and state that there is peat, there are some types of flowery, sweet ingredients, and spices. I do not know a soul that can pinpoint aromas in Scotch as there are upwards of 20-30 aromas in most whiskies, so what do you do with a blend?

The sweetness the Gold is rumored to have is there, but it quickly is consumed by the darkness of the rest of the blend. The smoky peat, the heather, and some spices I cannot name will overcome your palate and linger long after you swallow. If you have the patience to swirl The Gold around your mouth, you can replay this dance of taste over a couple of times. The Gold is stronger than some younger Scotch not so much in the alcohol percentage, but in its ingredients. This Scotch might actually burn your mouth with all its complexities and that might be taken as unrefined and harsh. Tasting over and over again, the burn is actually from ingredients and can be appreciated.

Johnnie Walker’s “Keep on Walking” site recommends freezing your bottle at least 24-hours prior to consumption. I actually pour myself a tumbler and then put that in the freezer to chill. I do not add ice to this blend as I do enjoy its strength straight out of the bottle. The freezing is a reverse of something that Davidmanning once wrote:

“Very generally speaking, the more complex a beer is, the warmer it should be before drinking. Ales (again, very generally) are recommended to be served at around 50 degrees F up to cellar temperature for barleywines and their cousins. Experiments are how you figure out what you like best.“

Johnnie Walker recommends the freeze as it will “release its light fruity flavours and true honey sweetness, as the whisky warms in the mouth.” You will, however, lose your ability to nose the different aromas if the whisky is at a freezing temperature.

I never knew theres actually such a smooth whisky. theres very little 'gush' of alcohol vapour after youve drink it. and the flavour as well, its honeyish and vanilla-ish.

After the session at the pub, i decided to get myself a bottle of this gem. but the price is a bit too far away for me, 100++ for a bottle of 700ml. guess ill need to save up a bit to add a gold label in my collection!

not too shabby.  

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got my xray results out - it shows my crazy wisdom tooth pushing my secondary molar hard, at the lower jaw.

The dreaded tooth shall be extracted next week.. luckily the dentist has prescribed me a hell of painkillers to help out.

and the charge is not at much. i was first quoted 700, but being desperate, i pleaded him and said that insurance doesnt cover the charge, and since hes arab, i talked a bit about ramadhan. i told him jokingly about getting more 'pahala' if you do good deeds during ramadhan and blablabla...

i got a final quote of 600.

just gotta hang on to the pain and get my assigenments done.


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monday - the day ive been waiting for.

went to the dentist hoping to get some help, only to be told that he needs x-ray scan of my whole mouth, and that the dentist clinic doesnt have one. he asked me to go to this dentist place to get a scan, and he'll come back for me. just for that, he charges me 30. how i should be a dentist.

called over to that place to arrange an appointment for x-ray scan, am told that it will be on weds. and the scan will be 70. that means i wont be treated until at least thursday, and despite surviving on painkillers, lifs is not going to be good. i cant chew properly, when i eat i get a bit of pain on my gums. ill have to hold on with these pain till next week i assume.

worse of all, i believe that the extraction might cost me 1000. 1000 nzd ok, thats 2200 +- ringgit man.... y cant these teeth pop up later so i can do it back at msia and save money?

wisdom tooth.  

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its painful.
its painful.
its painful.

ive taken 3 aspirin pills today, just to negotiate the pain.
im not sure if i should even see a dentist, since i cant afford to have extraction here. im sure it will be at the region of 300++, dahlah insurance x cover.

so much pain for "wisdom" tooth. ill rather not have it.

Renaud ft. Axelle Red - Manhattan-Kaboul  

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Renaud ft. Axelle Red - Manhattan-Kaboul

Petit Portoricain, bien intégré quasiment New-yorkais
Dans mon building tout de verre et d’acier,
Je prends mon job, un rail de coke, un café,

Petite fille Afghane, de l’autre côté de la terre,
Jamais entendu parler de Manhattan,
Mon quotidien c’est la misère et la guerre

Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle

Un 747, s’est explosé dans mes fenêtres,
Mon ciel si bleu est devenu orage,
Lorsque les bombes ont rasé mon village

Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
[ Find more Lyrics on www.mp3lyrics.org/HJIH ]
Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle

So long, adieu mon rêve américain,
Moi, plus jamais esclave des chiens
Vite imposé l’islam des tyrans
Ceux là ont-ils jamais lu le coran ?

Suis redev’nu poussière,
Je s’rai pas maître de l’univers,
Ce pays que j’aimais tellement serait-il
Finalement colosse aux pieds d’argile ?

Les dieux, les religions,
Les guerres de civilisation,
Les armes, les drapeaux, les patries, les nations,
Font toujours de nous de la chair à canon

Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle

Deux étrangers au bout du monde, si différents
Deux inconnus, deux anonymes, mais pourtant,
Pulvérisés, sur l’autel, de la violence éternelle.

In English:

Little Puerto Rican boy
Well integrated, almost New Yorker
In his steel and glass building
He does his job, he drinks a coffee

Little Afghan girl
On the other side of the world
She never heard of Manhattan
Her daily life is poverty and war

Two strangers in different worlds, so different
Two strangers, two anonymous... but
Both are pulverized by eternal violence

A Boeing 747 crashed in his windows
Her blue sky became a storm, when bombs destroyed my village

Farewell the American dream
She won't be the dogs' slave anymore
The quickly imposed tyrants' Islam
Did they ever read the Koran ?

He turned back into dust
He won't be master of the universe
The country he liked so much is
Finally a fragile giant

Gods and religions, civilization wars
Weapons, flags, countries and nations
Always take us for victims of their crimes