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"Sembahyang kita, walaupun berlainan caranya, adalah kepada Pencipta yang Sama kerana Tuhan Hanya Satu Dan caranya Indah dan Pelbagai".

"Our prayers and worship, although differ in practice, is given towards the same Creator, as He is one and his methods are beautiful and vary".

Khalid Samad, MP for Shah Alam Constituency, Malaysian Parliament

p/s, if any of you can come out with a better English translation, please let me know.

Can't Believe this is the country im going back to. Damn it.  

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I was shocked to see the story of a group of Malay-Muslim protesters claiming to be residents of Section 23 of Shah Alam carrying the severed head of a cow to the Selangor State Secretariat building. I cant believe There is such far-right wing people in the country, considering that Malaysia has been a multi-racial country for the past 200 years. Their action, although carried out 'in the name of Islam' did not defend Islam but had damaged the religion, as least in my eyes. All i can do is to shake my head in disbelief and shock at Mahyuddin Manaf and the residents there for their action. whats their motives and agenda?

Im vehemently against their action of carrying a severed head of a cow which is a sacred animal to the Hindus. The spokesperson for the group says that the head is for Mr. Xavier Jayakumar, one of the members of state executive council. Judging by his first name, ill assume that hes a Catholic, not a Hindu. this shows how ignorant these people are.

If their action is not considered seditious and a threat to the nation, I don’t know what else qualifies. The government needs to take action.

recent photos  

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On the way to a 40 metre drop - Bungy Jump Auckland Harbour Bridge

Bike ride at a snowy morning at Rotorua

Doing sake shots with Kat, Eugene and Nicky

Sailing trip with Jeroen, Henk Jan, Eric, Eugene, Nicky, and Lindsay

Road trip with Bas and Martijn - note the plate number - (B)as (N)igel (M)artin

Some jenga session after dinner

With lovely Cohort 4

Dress up party - Matt as Avril Lavigne, Me as Angus Young AC/DC, and Amanda

Night out at town with Jess and Matt

At a gay bar for a drag show with friends - photo taken with a drag queen

Mini golf on sunday morning

p/s : To my muslim friends, have a blessed Ramadhan. if any of you folks are going out to break your fast, do text me so that i can join.

makan pasta 3 hari berturut-turut  

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aku makan pasta 3 hari berturut-turut, masih tak bleh caya lagi.
semakin aku nak menulis dalam bahasa malaysia, semakin pelik rasanya. eloklah aku menulis dalam bahasa cina bukan penyelesaianya, sebab bahasa cina aku mau mampus dah....oklah. aku menulis dalam loghat ganu. baru natural sket.

malang khamih lepas kang, aku masok pasta mangkuk besor. kuoh die kang, aku bubuh stengah kilo daging cincang, 700g sos pasta, bawang besor sutir, ngang sayur-sayur. pasta, aku masok sekilo stengah terus.

hasilnye, aku makang pasta 3 hari teruh. makang malam khamih, 3 kali mase jumaat, ngan 2 kali mase sabtu. giler.


Rock Kapak urge goes on... Wings - Bernafas Dalam Lumpur  

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Lama mana lagi
Hendak ku turutkan
Kata telunjuk yang menuding kepalaku
Sabar apa lagi
Hendak ku turutkan
Hingga aku bernafas bagai dalam lumpur

Wajah kita sama
Beza pada gaya
Itu pilihan masing-masing yang empunya
Mungkin pada usia
Rasa yang berbeza
Yang penting kita saling hormat menghormati

( korus )
Kita tak dapat bersama
Namun kita juga manusia
Kita punya rasa cinta
Masing-masing punya harga...oh..oh...

Mahu apa lagi
Akan aku korbankan
Selagi ada hayatku di kandung badan
Oh terima kasih
Kerana balasan
Semoga sejahteralah hidup semua
Oh kawan