Steh Auf! Wenn Du Am Boden Bist! - Die Toten Hosen  

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one of the few inspirational songs that inspires me (aside from hold on by good charlotte), its in German by a band called Die Toten Hosen. if you translate that into english directly, it means 'the dead trousers'. but they doesnt sound like it at all. heres the lyrics.

Steh Auf! Wenn Du Am Boden Bist - Die Toten Hosen
Get up! When You Are on the Ground - The Dead Trousers

Wenn du mit dir am Ende bist
Und du einfach nicht weiter willst,
Weil du dich nur noch fragst,
Warum und wozu und was dein Leben noch bringen soll ...
If you are familiar with at the end
And you just do not want to continue,
Because you only ask,
Why and why and what your life will be

Halt durch, auch wenn du allein bist!
Halt durch, schmei� jetzt nicht alles hin!
Halt durch, und irgendwann wirst du verstehen,
Dass es jedem einmal so geht.
Stop by, even if you are alone!
Stop by, do not turn out anything!
Stop by, and someday you will understand
That it does so every single day.

Und wenn ein Sturm dich in die Knie zwingt,
Halt dein Gesicht einfach gegen den Wind.
Egal, wie dunkel die Wolken ber dir sind,
Sie werden irgendwann vorberzieh'n.
And if a storm you in the knee forces
Simply hold your face against the wind.
No matter how dark the clouds are upon you,
You will someday rise up.

Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist!
Steh auf, auch wenn du unten liegst!
Steh auf, es wird schon irgendwie weitergeh'n.
Get up when you're on the ground!
Get up, even when you are lying down!
Stand up, it will somehow be alright.

Es ist schwer, seinen Weg nicht zu verlier'n
Und bei den Regeln und Gesetzen hier
Ohne Verrat ein Leben zu fuhr'n,
Das man selber noch respektiert.
It is hard, his way not to
And with the rules and laws here ,
Without a life of betrayal,
The man himself still respects.

Auch wenn die Zeichen gerade alle gegen dich steh'n
Und niemand auf dich wetten will -
Du brauchst hier keinem irgendeinen Beweis zu bringen.
Es sei denn es ist fur dich selbst!
Even if all the characters straight against you
And nobody wants to bet on you --
You need this not to bring any evidence.
Unless it is for yourself!

Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist!
Steh auf, auch wenn du unten liegst!
Steh auf, es wird schon irgendwie weitergeh'n.
Get up when you're on the ground!
Get up, even when you are lying down!
Stand up, it will somehow be alright.

Nur keine Panik, so schlimm wird es nicht.
Mehr als deinen Kopf rei�t man dir nicht weg.
Komm und sieh nach vorn!
Do not panic, so bad it will not.
Over your head you can not tear away.
Come and see the front!

Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist!
Steh auf, auch wenn du unten liegst!
Steh auf, es wird weitergeh'n.
Get up when you're on the ground!
Get up, even when you are lying down!
Stand up, it will somehow be alright.

Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist!
Steh auf, auch wenn du unten liegst!
Steh auf, es wird schon irgendwie weitergeh'n.
Get up when you're on the ground!
Get up, even when you are lying down!
Stand up, it will somehow be alright.

I am an asian guy that refuses to limit myself to just asian girls  

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thats all. cheers

lets learn Loghat Terengganu!  

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if my previous post is incomprehensible for you, you might wanna check this glossary of Loghat Terengganu slangs.

im sure it will quite helpful if you are travelling around terengganu.


Tubek = keluar = to go out
Sokmo = selalu = always
dok rok = tak larat/lembik = out of breath
gocoh/gomo = gaduh = fight
nawok/lebong = tipu = lie/cheat
gong = sombong = cocky
dok soh beng = jangan = do not
nano = nakal = naughty
derah = cepat = fast
Garik = Maghrib = evening muslim prayer
Kepok = Kerepok = deep fried fish stick ( a type of terengganu traditional food)
Pitih = Duit = money
celleng = Duit syiling = shilling
Kona lepe = kona lipat = to corner your vehicle at an angle above 180 degree
Kehek = muntah = to vomit
Takdok aghoh = habis ikhtiar = out of idea
Gege = bising = noisy
Ketor geggor = terketar-ketar yang melampau = abnormal shivering
Dok dulli mung = tak ambik peduli = to not care
Serabuk = serabut = messy
Apah nyior = hampas kelapa = the fibrous part of coconut
Bahang = belasah = to punch
Dok dang = tak sempat = unable arrive on time (can anybody help me traslate this?)
Kupik = kedekut = stingy
Skekk = sedikit = a little
samoh = 50 sen = 50 cents
Tohok = buang = to throw away
Beso jalo = sudah besar panjang / sudah matang = mature (human
Bapok = besar = big
Lokkk = biarkan = to ignore( usually used on naughty children)

Ganu kite...

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coretang-coretang diri ambe.  

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ambe ari nie rase ok jer.. ade dengor dengor sket dikir barat, hok Cikgu Naim. cicok, itik, skim cepak mati, ngan hok haling yazid. lagu tupa, pesang ibu, ngan diri ambo. tibe tibe rase nok nulih loghat ganu nie...dok tahu nok kabo pasal pende, ambo cite sket-sket pasal keje ah...

bangung lime pagi, wat sarapang lepas tu naik bah gi downtown wat keje.
keje pende? budok surak. hok jalang keliling opis hator surak tu le...
gaji ok. kite budok university yang takdok sebarang kelulusang nie dokleh main milih. kalu jupe keje, wat, dok soh pikir banyok-banyok.
tapi satu jelah.. kena bangung pagi-pagi bute, lepah tu, keje jak je. sapai sembilang stengoh, habih keje. keje 2 jang stengoh.
due tige ari lagi, start keje hok se gi. hok nie keje die payoh sket. jadi RA. keje nie, ade gaye-gaye macang warden asrame. tapi asrame kat sini kalu nok banding ngan asrame kat mesia, bezo die besor. sini, tiap tiap orang dapak bilik sdiri. dok maing kongsi-kongsi fatt chai. peraturang pung dok ketat sngat. tak dok cang mase kene tido, kene nutup lapu. senang. masaloh terbesor kat sini, budaye berparti.
kalu die nok parti, kite dok kisoh. die bleh parti sampai die mapuh. tapi kalu die party sampai orang lain complain, kite hok keje RA nie kene gi wat kacau, kene gi wat parti orang lain g jadi buruk. bak-bak nie ah hok ambe rase dok sedak hati nie.

ha..dah. cite gini, skali mule, dok habih-habih. tibe tibe rindu pulok mesia ganu?
rindu kat kepok leko, nasi dagang hok mok cik kapung ladang (dengo cite doh ninggal), sotong goreng ngan air nyior kat batu rakit, aduh...

Great highland bagpipe - here i come!  

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after a 1 year delay, ill finally engage with one of my goals in New Zealand - to learn to play Great Highland Bagpipe.

I love almost everything Celtic, from Gaelic language to celtic music. and of course when you talk about Celtic music, nothing springs in peoples mind faster than a kilted man playing highland pipes. For years, ive kept the hope of learning bagpipes, due to me unable to find any instructors in malaysia, and the fact that im too poor to afford a decent bagpipe.

But things changed 2 days ago. my forum posting in a pipe band forum was replied with a man offering to tutor me. instantly i said yes. without realizing that i have to travel quite a distance to get to the practice place. its about 30 minute train ride from Britomart (auckland's KL Sentral).

Its a recently restarted grade 4 pipe band, called Otahuhu pipe band. people there are welcoming and helpful. i also found my ex-band mate who played pipes with me at CAPB. and guess what, he volunteered to tutor me. of course, in exchange of my tutoring him drumming.

i started the session with a practice chanter.

its basically a stripped down version of a bagpipe. instead of blowing into a bag and squeeze the air out, all you do is blow right into the chanter - much like a recorder.

a new player doesnt start right away blowing full bagpipes, due to various reasons.

1. youll need strong lip muscles and lungs to blow into a bagpipe. usually new players doesnt have the power or stamina to do so. using practice chanter helps build up lip muscle and lung power.

2. a bagpipe is actually 4 instruments, 1 chanter (lead) 2 drones (melody) and 1 Bass drone (bass). if you start by trying to play 4 instruments right away, imagine the noise, and how fast those noise can kill off your enthusiasm. practice chanter let you work on the 1st instrument (lead) and as you build up your confidence, you take on those drones.

3. as your mouth is not directly on the reed - you cant stop the bagpipe midway through the playing. you cant play things like staccato either. so once you got the bagpipe ringing, there is no looking back, ya gotta keep on playing. if you have no idea of what you are going to play, imagine the noise youll make when pausing to look at your fingering chart. practice chanter allows you to polish you fingering before trying it out on your pipes.

a lot more to go....

so on my first lesson, i learned the basic common 9 fingerings avaiable on a highland bagpipe. its quite interesting that a highland bagpipe plays on a mixolydian mode scale, which doesnt sound like your typical do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. its do-re-mi-fa-so-li-ti-do.

its quite hard to blow air into the chanter too. for my case, i have the lung power needed, but i dun have lip muscles strong enough to force the air. so when i play the chanter, you can hear the "pancit" or "lau hong" sound.

ill have quite a lot to work on, from finger position to keeping constant pressure on the chanter, that will take me weeks.

ive set a goal of wanting to be on a bagpipe and play a few tunes before the end of this year. lets see if that will happen!