people, dun get drunk ok?  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

really, i mean it.
its not cool to get drunk at all.
im saying this after my first real piss-drunk experience.
it all started when i went to my friend's party.
went for some beers, and i had some fun.
then mixed spirits came. i downed vodka with orange juice, or coke.
i thought i was in control.
guess i cant measure how much ive drank since i mixed the spirits up.
i remembered playing guitar and singing with people, watching Bundesliga games with some friends.
then, i felt like im about to puke. i ran to the washroom, heading towards the toilet.
only then, i realized how drunk i was.
i cant even walk properly, not alone stand!
i pushed myself, and before i reached the toilet, i puked.
luckily i managed to turn towards the basin, and released all of em there.
thats all i can remember.

i woke up the next day, in my friend's room.
i felt all dried up, and headache was all over me.
i thanked my friend for getting me sorted that night,
and i went home.

when i was showering, i started to think, what if i said, or done some things that im not supposed to do? and i didnt even remember if i did any of that.

i certainly hope i didnt.

in movies, or folklores, getting drunk is portrayed as something ok, something funny, something acceptable. thats what i believe until that fateful day.

trust me, it felt much more terrible than getting robbed.

so please, dun get drunk.

im sure i wont let myself to get that drunk anymore.

coolest election advertising.  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

I was reading things about the new zealand election this coming november, and i found this ad.

Its an ad from the Family Party of New Zealand, small but i like what they are fighting for, to preserve the family values in a fragmenting society. hope they can win a seat or two this nov!

laser strike/tags experience  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

went for a laser strike game last week,from 11pm till 6 am. it was a weird time to do such strenuous activities, but since i can save heaps (im paying 25 for 7 hours), i gave it a go. Its pretty cool, all my fantasies of playing counter strike became reality. u gotta start watching for invaders, hold your lines, and also try to score some kill. what made this even better, is that u will be donning a space trooper-like suit, with sensors around ur stomach, shoulder and back. thats the place where u wana shoot ur laser guns to.

i started off being the chicken, being killed again and again. Thanks to my inpatience of constantly trying to be the hero. all i do at the earlier part is to blitz, or rush, trying to outflank opposing teams shooting line. as the game progressed i started to learn from those vets, and i got better and better. here are some tips i found useful on myself, and i think might be useful to you too.

1. when moving, keep your gun aimed. that means move around with your eye placed close and parallel to the gun. it saves you your aiming time, and gives u a higher accuracy if u got into sudden encounter with the enemy.

2. shoot with your chest facing your gun, and your shoulder parallel to the direction u r shooting at. it gives u better protection from being killed by your enemy (its harder to shoot at the smaller shoulder sensor than the big apple-sized tummy sensor).

3. find cover all the time as u move and shoot. use walls, barrels, or even dead team-mate. keep your body parts behind cover as much as possible. i usually only expose my head, half of my shoulder and my gun of course when im shooting, leaving the opponent with only 1 sensor to aim at.

4. if there is no chance to hide and u found yourself being shot at, turn your chest away from the person who is trying to gut you. same principle, keep the apple tummy sensor away from him.

5. duck when going across walls waist high, or if trying to run across crossfire. general survival tips

6.for those who got sick being pawned because u r just too bad, hide. look for a nice spot, and wait. pawn any unsuspecting passerby. of course, dun sit there the whole time, they will be ready for ya the next time.

7. defend or move in teams. especially when holding on a position eg base. its always good if u or ur teammate dies, somebody is still around to help out. its also good to have somebody to watch ur blind spot when u move.

i will certainly play the game again, its so much fun!


Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

With Ghislain the Gila at 18+ youth group retreat

At nearby Kaitaia, Northland

St Cuthbert's College.

In Scottish regalia before the Pipe Band's parade.