i think this is nice, so i tagged myself to answer this! taken from Eujeen's weblog.  

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First Name: jia wei, nigel,
Nickname: nige, ong kecik, ah ong.
Birthday: july 29th 1987
Birthplace: Dungun, Malaysia
Time of Birth: 9.30am
Zodiac Sign: rabbit. (haha. im sure girls will laugh at me when they see this)
Star Sign: Leo

I dun think i have that Urban Uber look, nor the kampung-village look - maybe i can say i look like normal young lads out there, perhaps with some uberness and villageness on my appearance.
Height: 183cm.
Eye Colour: dark brown (checked my eye on the mirror for this)
Natural Hair Colour: black dark brownish - thanks to swadaya (too much sun)
Current Hair Colour: same la..dun see the reason to dye my hair.
Hair Length: GI cut. cheap, and easy, and need little shampoo!
Ever Dyed A Bizzare Hair Colour: never even dyed before
Curly/Straight/Wavy: straight
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair: can i can shaved it till 3mm short, even shorter than GI's 6mm?
Glasses or contacts: Glasses: all the time nowadays - except when i feel like wearing shades
Do you wear make-up: no
Ever had hair extensions: no
Paint your nails: yup. some of the girls here bought new paint, and they experimented it on me.

In The Opposite Gender
Eye Colour: i prefer non-black. it doesnt matter about the colour. :D
Hair Colour: everything is beautiful.
Shy/Outgoing: a little bit of both but the shy must never overwhelm the outgoing by a factor of 7:3 (i wont change that eujeen, thats good enough for me as well)
Looks/Personality: i think looks does will attract me first, but whats beauty outside without a good personality to go with it?
Sexy/Cute: please, not too sexy or cute. ill have a tough time handling guys around her.
Serious/Fun:ill need both, but she better have more seriousness than funniness - need hers to balance up my over funniness and lack of seriousness.
Older/Younger: doesn’t matter to me

This or That
Flowers/Chocolate: ive given paperfold flowers to girls, and chocalate too. i think chocalate works faster, since they can smile all day while eating it. flowers? smell once, smile once, no liao.
Pepsi/Coke: Coke! pepsi in Aotearoa suck!
Rap/Rock: who cares? music is music
Relationship/One Night Stand: relationship
School/Work: work
Love/Money: love. but whats love with no money? i would say 6:4
Movies/Music: music
Country/City: country but not too far from the city. who wants that rushing like mad dog life?
Sunny/Rainy Day: i used to love rainy days but i prefer sunny days now
Friends/Family: family

Have you ever..

Lied: yes
Stole something: quite a lot aye? but thats the past....when i was young and ignorant.
Smoked: a few puffs. its cool, but smoking is not for me.
Hurt someone close to you: yes.
Had a broken heart: yes. (not easy aye?)
Wished you were a princess: hmm..well, its not bad to be a princess...
Liked someone who was taken: yes
Shaved your head: yes
Been in love: i think so
Used chopsticks: yes
Sang to yourself in the mirror: yes. i rap to it too.


Flower: daffodils.
Candy: chocettes?
Colour: blue, yellow, silver. (bright colours i likee...)
Musical Instrument: drums, drums, drums. + trumpet, bagpipes! (if a piper plays a popular tune and if u have dozens of people singing it...wonderful. "oh flowers of scotland, when we will see...."
Movie: i think i like war movies, perhaps some old historic stuff as well.
Singer: nobody in particular
Actor/Actress: nobody in particular
Word: sh*t, f*ck & b*tch ( love to hear b*tch come out from one of my girl-friend's mouth)
Junk food: chips, chips, chips! (aotearoa has some nice chips)
Website: malaysia-today?
Location: a house with big yard, where i can play with my kids one day.
Food: i boost every chef's self confidence when they serve me food. hows that?
Animal: homo sapiens?
Ever cried over someone: yes
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: be more social, laziness, lack of emotion.
Do you think you’re attractive: i might be one, but in general, im just a normal bloke that u can see everyday on the streets. it might take something very special for me to be seen (wearing a scottish kilt for example)
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life, what would you choose: greek gods?
Do you play any sports: yes. rugby union, rugby league, american football (god that hurts).

List 8 random facts about yourself:
1. i eat a lot. 3 people's portion = 1 of mine.
2. im quite big for an asian guy - 183cm, 83 kg. some of my girl-friends say im too big to be their boyfriend - one of them said "we wont look nice on pictures, unless i got a platform to stand on."
3. at times, people thought im a japanese in new zealand. some even popped out japanese words at me, and i felt like being stunned by some DOTA character.
4. i never reject any chance to go out got a drink or 2 of beer at pubs. espacially if theres a rugby game going on TV.
5. i dun really read story books. mostly "how-to" guides, and biography.but i love Steinbeck's novel.
6. would like to go to US and have a working holiday there one day. (ideal destination - Wyoming, Oklahoma, Idaho, Montana)
7. is a TESOL (teaching of english to second language learners) student, i still cant believe that im actually studying this!
8. im actually supposed to be in a lecture now, but i ditched it to write this thing!

happenings - september  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

8-10 trip to northland
19-21 Pipe band camp (never expected that pipe band also got band camp)
27-29 18+ group retreat (looking forward to that)

4 assignments to pass up in between. not good...

drumming issues  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

i fingers felt really itchy today, cant explain why (drummer always have an itchy fingers, so the tendency to drum all the time is always there, its just how itchy it gets). i pulled out my pair of old sticks, a pair of Zildjian Field Series 3000, and proceeded with some Swiss Army Triplets exercise.

guess what, my finger got tired so fast after playing it for a while. I felt my ring finger's muscle being pulled hard. I stopped, thinking it might be the weight of the sticks that is killing my fingers.

After a while, i tried the exercises again, this time with my pipe band sticks, which are much more lighter. it felt like a breeze.

guess, im almost completed my transition towards becoming a pipe band drummer now. so far, ive achieved all this:

- I count 6/8 diferently them American drummers do
- I hold my sticks different than them American drummers (thumb position)
- I use sticks lighter then American drummer do
- I play on snares with 1 wire sets extra than them american drummers,
- And most notably, i wear kilt when i perform on stage! not pants!