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being chinese and being chinese.  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

i was chatting out at the lobby of my apartment, last thursday night after attending my usual pipe band practice. thought of wanna get some air while meeting new people. i was talking to this Kiwi guy, when the topic switches to his past employer - A chinaman.

talking about chinaman boss, we ended up talking about the stereotype characters of a chinaman employer - stingy, and they squeeze every bit out from the employee before paying them. from there onwards, he talked about his experiences working under a Chinese Chinese and a Malaysian Chinese. he said " that Chinaman is a bloody son of a b*tch aye? F*cking work me like a dog, But u guys malaysians are better than them man".

as we proceeded to some trash talk about Chinese Chinaman, another Malaysian Chinese joined the talk. but instead of agreeing with us, she trashed talk me.

"you are chinese, and u talk about your own people? come on, dont be such a jerk".

such a statement made me think about this question " does this person understand that being ethnically chinese and having a chinese nationality is a 2 different thing? "

for me, it sure does. if i dont, i wont be trash talking about a Chinese Chinaman. i tried to explain to her, it seems that she just wont listen. she even accused me of trying to shed my "chinese"ity, or ppl say born a chinese, but dun wan "mengaku" a chinese.

why cant she make sense of it? must a person's cultural identity be equated to nationality? then , if its so? what am i?

im malaysian, but im chinese ethnically. how?

i hope im making sense here.

*to the girl that trashed talked me, if u r reading this, please do it with an open mind, and think about it aye?

Ki Te Kainga - Boh Runga  

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its a song featured in the recent air new zealand advertisement. the lyrics are in Te Reo Maori.

Maku e ringiringi
Kiaku roimata
Ara e ahu ana
Ki te kainga
(I will water with my tears the trails that lead to home)

Kai te manatu au
Mo te whenua
O oku tipuna
Ki te kainga
(I am homesick for the land of
my forebearers)

Ka tawhiti atu
te kaiwhakamarie
I toku wairua
Aue hoki mai
(The comforter of my soul is
far from me -
come back)

Kaore e taaea
Te huna I aku
Manako mo te
Kainga aue
(I could not hide my longing
for home)

E awhi reinga
E awhi taua
(We embrace)

u can download the song from air new zealand's website:

beautiful lyrics in a beautiful song sung in a beautiful land of Aoteraroa new zealand!

WYD - day 2  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

Ok. birthday is over, its time to blog back about WYD, before i forget about it.

well, the whole ICP woke up fresh from their warm bed, (thanks for our host family), had a breakfast, and off we go to catechism class.

catechism class is something like a sunday school, where u listen to teachings of the church, being presented by usually religious laity, or priest. however, today we have archbishop Michael Fitzgerald, the papal nuncio to Egypt, and also delegate of Vatican City to the Arab League. He was once the head of the pontifical council for interreligious dialogue as well.

He shared his working experiences at africawith us. He also shared about him learning Arabic and Islam, and teaching muslims back about it! all of those things were done with him as a Catholic priest! amazing ey? thats what i call a good example of religious liberalism. He does what he preaches.

We had a mass after the program, and head down to the city to participate in the Kiwi pilgrim gathering. while on the train, some of us prayed the divine mercy. its pretty cool to see people praying loudly in the train. thats what i call the spirit of World Youth Day!

arriving at the hall, somewhere near the rugby stadium, we found masses of human being. Most of them were wearing the official Kiwi WYD hoodie, some were waving flags with 4 red star forming a cross on it, and everybody speakes English with an extra burst of 'mate' and 'ey' in it.
Thats it. fellow kiwis!

there was about 5000 Kiwi pilgrim at WYD, bloody big ey?

we did some P&W, cheered & celebrated our bishops, took part in Haka dances, had a laugh of two, and took a lot of pictures!

last but not least, we sang the national anthem of NZ - God Defend New Zealand, in both Maori and English.

we visited St. Mary's cathedral after the gathering. i joined a bunch of Italians, and an aussie to form a tour group, as we need to form a 10 person group to visit the place. its a massive place, at least 3 times the size of st. John's KL. ill let the picture do the talking here.

as usual, before we go home, i took pictures with lots of people too. this time, its with

a brazillian dude, and

the Italians and an Aussie lad.