aku rase nok menulih paka loghat t'ganu..  

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mule gi aku gile nok menulih...

karang nie, hati aku tengoh berak pasal ujiang, doh nok habih musing pengajiang. tengok contoh soalang, dok pahang sikit pung. mapuh doh...nok wat guane? cube gok blajo, tapi budok bawoh umoh tu bising bango macang cine nok karang,

karang nie, doh masuk musing sejuk. hari nie baru nok mule.

Warriors 14 - Sea Eagles 20 - They bloody lose again..  

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Gosh, Warriors played some good defensive game, only to let Sea Eagles score 2 late tries and threw the game away. same old mistake, started off good, then choked at the end of the game. disappointing.

As mentioned in the previous post, i was at Mt. Smart stadium, watching this game.

and Faris, my mate was with me as well.

Picture was taken an hour before the game, so there is almost no people on the stands. The junior Warriors were playing at that time.

Bad weather seem to be ruining the atmosphere, with light showers popping around. its just a wet affair. But the crowd's spirit are not dampen, as 7000 of us cheered for our beloved Warriors.

Warriors started captain Steve Price, who just recovered from injury. Their lineup seem to be strong, with Lance Hohaia, Ruben Wiki, Sam Ropati and kicker Michael Witt all playing.

As expected, Wariors drew first blood. Manu Vatuvei found himself free on the sideline after some slick and fast passing. He sped through for 40 meters, passing Manly fullback for the touchdown.

Manly replied with a try, and with the failed follow-up kick, the score during half time is 6 - 4.

Manly penetrated Warriors defense line early in the second half, and converted to make the score 6-10. The game is then played much on the Warriors' try line, with tough and excellent display of defense from Warriors.

Warriors tough display paid off later. A try line drop kick from Manly was returned for a try by Simon Mannering. It was game on again after that try.

the much awaited try came on the 66th minute. On the last attempt, Nathan Fien launched a bomb to Manly's far right, and Aidan Kirk caught it for an aerial try, bringing the score 14-10 with 12 minutes to spare.

just as things seemed to be on the bright side, Warriors lost possession right after kick off, giving Manly an excellent field position to attack. Two tries in the space of 5 minutes ended Warriors' hope for a win.

New Zealand Warriors - what happened to them?  

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ok, New Zealand is place where its people are passionate about rugby, be it Union or League. They can talk about it all day long, even after the game was played 2 weeks beforehand. Some still talk about how the All-Blacks choked during last year's world cup. Pick any bloke on the street and start a conversation with rugby. Add up with a bottle of Steinlager pure, it'll sure click in with ease.


now, most of the blokes here are pretty pissed when it comes to Warriors. why? Crusaders won Super 14 , and All blacks-trounced the Pom-poms (England), and Dan Carter is still 100% in his kick after 3 test games. Warriors? started of good, and now they crashed real bad. 5 straight defeats. ya hear me mate? 5 straight bloody defeat bro!

oh yea, just in case if people doesnt understand me, Warriors plays in a professional league that plays Rugby League, a variant of rugby (not the All-Blacks Rugby). There is some differences in the gameplay. Wikipedia it to find out.

When you talk with any bloke here in a bar, and mentioned about Warriors, they'll just say " u see mate, Warriors got one big problem, consistency". Yup, thats true. Despite having good players in the likes of veteran Ruben Wiki, Vatuve, Ropati or Lauaki, ithey tend to choke. I still remember watching how they crashed against the Rabbitohs, despite scoring 2 tries in the first 10 minutes and playing some dazzling rugby, they managed to blew the game and lost
35-28. Some will downplay rationalize the poor performance with injuries. Yup, they lost captain Steve Price and Wade Mckinnon, but im sure both of them dont single-handedly play everything out for Warriors!

Ruben Wiki Charges towards the Bulldogs defence - stuff.co.nz

However, there is still something to cheer about - Lance Hohaia has been flying, doing great kick returns, and attacking the lines with his pace.

They will play Manly Warringah Sea Eagles today (its 2 am as i blog here), at Penrose Auckland, and ill be there to support them! will take pics and load it up here! (if security allows me to do so).

put in some wicked English name, u will get a wicked combo!  

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a lot of ppl out there thinks that chinese ppl with 'ang mo' name are Christians. So sometimes, they get puzzled when "Kelvin" goes to see 'tua pek kong' for the perfect 4D number, "Jimmy" burns joss sticks at temples during Chinese New Year, and even "Elvis" goes to some Siamese shaman to make amulets. The fact is, some Chinese put on English name is for the ease, especially when u work with 'Ang Mo's'. it takes them less then 10 seconds to remember a name they easily identifies than making them to remember names like "Yung", "Mao" and so on so on.

so it explains the craze of the Chinese ppl to have English names, i personally have no problem with it, until they made some real stupid choice of English names that when pronounced in Mandarin or some local dialects, sounds as stupid as they do.

ive got this from a forwarded mail, a list of supposed to be "wicked" english names that got themselves paired up with the wrong Chinese surnames, and they ended up becoming "really wicked". Enjoy!

Anne Chang


Anne Chin
(Mandarin) - Keep quiet

Faye Chen
(Mandarin) - Dusty

Carl Cheng
(Hokkien) - Buttock

Monica Cheng
Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks

Lucy Leow
(Hokkien) - You are dead

Jane Tan
(Mandarin) - Frying eggs

Suzie Leow
(Hokkien) - Lost till death

Henry Mah
(Mandarin) - Hate your mum

Corrine Tai
(Hokkien) - Poor fellow

Paul Chan
(Mandarin) - Bankrupt

Nelson Tan
(Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs

Leslie Tong
(Mandarin) - Rubbish bin

Carmen Teng
(Hokkien) - Leg hair long

Connie Mah
(Cantonese) - Call your mother

Danny See
(Hokkien) - Squeeze you to death

Rosie Teng
(Hokkien) - Screws and nails

Pete Tsai
(Hokkien) - Nose droppings

Macy Koh
(Cantonese) - Never die before

All Blacks 37 - England 20 ----- Bloody good game!  

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All Blacks, inspired by Ma'a Nonu and Dan Carter, unleashed their defensive prowess to down a disappointing English side 37 - 20 in the clash at Eden Park.

Pre-game talks focused on the strength of the English forward pack, and how much All Blacks should be wary of that. England's forward pack, spearheaded by prop Andy Sheridan lived up to the expectations, only for the first 15 minutes. Afterwards, they found themselves shut down by the more experienced and heavy New Zealand forwards. They have no answer to the All-Blacks control and prowess.

The backfield of England shows little creativity or initiative by choosing to play the old English rugby - slow paced and controlled set play. England's playing style was easily countered by the all blacks' aggressive playing, by literally charging their backs up once the English recycles the ball. The results, several big tackles that caught the English off-guard. Most notably, by Mils Muliaina in the middle of the first half.

New Zealand scored the first try through Conrad Smith, who managed to catch a nice rolling kick by Dan Carter mid in the first half. England replied through Topsy Ojo's try late in the first half, after he intercepted Dan Carter's offload.

New Zealand secured the game early in the second half by scoring 2 quick tries. the English defense parted like a butter under a hot knife, with Sitiveni Sivivatu and Mils Muliaina scoring each.

Dan Carter showed missed no kicks, converting 3 penalties and 4 conversions. He scored a try himself. Massive performance. Ma'a Nonu played an excellent game as well, made several like breaks that sends the English defense into chaos, and contributed to Muliaina's and Sivivatu's try.

However, All blacks performed poorly on line outs, losing countless startups. Scrums also needed to be worked on. Too many collapses. Should the line out team performed better, they could have just made the score bigger.

So Kiwi's, enjoy the victory now, and have some extra rounds of beer. for next week, All Blacks will play the Poms again next week at Christchurch, and it will back to square one again.

compiled updates  

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its 2.30 am and im refusing to go to sleep. guess after spending quite some time blasting my ears by hearing 15 pipes playing together in a classroom, i got the spirit from the Scottish Highland in me..haha..niways i really have no idea what im trying to write here, so please be patient, as sometimes, some sort of wisdom will pop out!

its now exam week break now, and yet, i am not studying. in fact, im spending my time in front of a book called "notebook", feeding myself with successes from managing Leeds United in FIFA manager 08 pc game. its not easy, considering that i have to manage a club in financial difficulties. at start, i was only given a war chest of 30,000 pounds. who the hell can i sign?

spent a few hours at mount albert, practicing with the pipe band. am now very happy to be able to strap up on the snare drum again. snares on pipe band are really different. they still uses steel wires for the snare, and they have 2 sets of it, under the top and bottom drumhead. that made the drum sounded really crisp, and sensitive. one sticking mistake, and u can be heard loud (feels like getting caught with hands in the cookie jar).

Will be watching Warriors play Sea Eagles next sunday. honestly, i have no idea why i choose to watch that game, Warriors is at the deep end of the NRL ladder, and Sea Eagles is at the top! ( for non NRL fans, its something like watching MU playing Fulham, and ill be rooting for Fulham) niways, i love rugby league, its an amazing game.

what makes rugby league more interesting? more tries, more speed, more flair(game flow), and more civilized. there is almost no need to form ruck in rugby league, as after being tackled, the ball will still be on the ball carrier's side, unless its the 6th tackle. so u wont see a pile of human bodies stacked against each other just to get the old rugby ball.

am now listening to country songs. Twitty Conway, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Willie Nelson, and Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift's song is just like those typical chick songs from hillary duff or lindsay lohan, with a burst of country sound effects (Fiddles, harmonica, banjo here and there in the song). it still took me some time to figure out why i ended up liking her songs.

am now thinking of securing a better job. my present job is good, as i can really mingle and mix with the local population (all my workmates are Kiwis, with exception of a fellow malaysian in the team). but i need a more stable job, where i can work for a minimum of 10 hours every week. my current job is an on call job, which wont guarantee u jobs every weekend, although in most cases it does. foodtown? mcd? nandos? maybe ill just be a stripper at k road. can make a lot of money...

guess ive written enough crap here. hope u guys enjoy reading this! (im sure you will, its crap anyway)

All Blacks 21 - Ireland 11-------Good on ya mates!  

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The start of international Rugby season is always good for the Kiwis. more reason to hang out with their mates, more reason for a few extra rounds of beer, and of course, more reason to stay glued to the TV in the chilly fall and winter season.

And the All-Blacks didn't disappoint by downing gutsy Ireland, 21 -11.

Getty Images

Good game, although the rain changed the game play a lot. Its almost a ping-pong game out there, with the back line from both sides exchanging punts. I expect to see lots of moves and passes around the line, but i guess both teams are not willing to take the risk as everything is slippery.

First blood came from the Irish. Ronan O'Gara kicked a penalty in after 8 minutes.

The game afterwards is a plain ping-pong affair, with inaccurate kicking from both sides. However, The All-Blacks responded on the 15th minute with a try from Sitiveni Sivivatu.

Following after pushes from the forwards, the All-Blacks caught the Irish line short at the edge, and Sivivatu went in the end zone, sliding his way through. Dan Carter missed the conversion.

The Irish continued to apply pressure to the All-Blacks' defense, and they finally got themselves rewarded by a try from Paddy Wallace, who caught Sivivatu helpless. Ronan O'Gara converted to make the score 8-5.

New Zealand leveled the score at the 31th minute, after Dan Carter put the ball in between the post. He missed one on the 25th minute.

until half time, the rest of the game is characterized with gang tackling, and both sides tries to push the ball forward, instead of attempting to pass, due to slippery conditions.

Second half was all about muscle. Both sides mauled to advance, and forwards attempt to push themselves into opponents back line after they recycled the ball from a ruck, with help from their teammates. Punts were exchanged.

Both fly-halfs converted penalty kicks to tie the score 11-11. Both sides were seen to be committed to play all out.

A turning point came in the 60th minute when Ireland were awarded a scrum but had it turned into a penalty against them when prop Marcus Horan (Bloody bastard!) threw a punch at a prone All Black. New Zealand converted the kick, and made the score 14-11

Ma'a Nonu secured the win for New Zealand with a try right beside the post with a gallant 20 meter run, after he received an offload from his Hurricanes teammate Schwalger. He went down and slided his way to the try line, taking 2 Irish defender with him.

Irish's fate was sealed when Ronan O'Gara missed his penalty kick from 40 yards out with 13 minutes remaining.

Richie McCaw has been dominating in the game, making several big tackles and line brakes. Dan Carter, at least managed to prove his worth with some sweet punts that caught the Irish on their foot, and contributed to the first try.

Getty Images

Its a victory, although not in a convincing manner. But at least, Kiwis can at least have something to cheer about. Blackcaps are not doing well against England, the League team went down tamely against the Kangaroos, and Warriors are not having a good season.

They will be facing England next week, which will really put them to test. Will they be able to hold on to England's drop goal game? (i call that cheap). Lets see.