City of Auckland Pipe Band - First Experiences  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

As suggested above, ive recently joined a pipe band named above. After i attended several practices for the past two months, i think ive got enough experiences and stories to write a blog entry about it.

Its a bagpipe band. So all you got is drums, and Bagpipes...lots of em. nice....

Armed with my Peace practice pad, and a pair of Shaw X pipe drumsticks....

ill brave myself through the cold and unforgiving weather of winterly Auckland to take a bus ride to Mt. Albert Grammar School, which is 3 stages away, Every Thursday night. 6 dollars thru and fro. All in the spirit of my love of drumming... or should i call it "having my finger itchy"?

Yup. thats the school. Was fortunate to met some very nice people in the band, especially the drum sergeant, Andy. He sort of helped me to get through the shock, as i found out that pipe drumming is distinctly different compared to American Drum Corps drumming, which is what i was taught...(Andy is the younger one in the picture, i couldn't remember the name of the veteran there...John i think...oops)

The guy in the picture below is Bryan (or Brian), who also shared a lot with me about pipe drumming. He's got his style when he plays. Simple yet to hear his crescendo rolls...the girl in the pic is Alicia. Shes pretty good too.

i think i should explain the difference between Pipe band drumming (PBD) and American drum corps drumming (ADCD) here, although i dun think many readers here will understand it. too many drum jargons. Eu jeen, u might be able to catch a bit of stuffs here....


1. Rolls are played closely, almost crushed in PBD compared to open, relaxed rolls in ADCD
2. Drags are played as a single light tap on the grace note in PBD, compared to two quick light taps on the grace notes in ADCD.
3. Triplets are played after the grace drag notes in ADCD's Ratamacue. in PBD, instead of triplets, it is played as a five group note.
4. Closed rolls allow more complicated rhythm to be played.
5. thats as far as i know. will find out more as i play longer...

These are the pieces im currently working on. its not too hard, but to play it in a pipe band style, that takes a lot of effort...

Itchy Fingers and Clumsy Lover will be played during the Band's concert in August. i hope i can play good enough to be playing on stage that night!

This is the sort of Phrasing exercise that i am working on to improve my flams and rhythmic expression. i think i need to work on my rolls as well. still not closed enough.

I got myself enrolled as a probationary member of the band, which entitles me to own a set of uniform. as i just got myself measured last week, ill guess that ill get my uniform next thursday, which consists of a tuxedo, high socks, and a tartan KILT. still trying to imagine myself in a kilt...must be cold and windy down there...

will post the picture with me in kilts next week, if i got my uniform..

ok till then!!

aku rase nok m'nulih dalang bah'se Ganu..  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

dok tau nape, tapi aku rase sangak nok m'nulis dalang bah'se 'Ganu.

kat "Auckleng" nie aku dok jupe gi orang yang bleh cakak 'Ganu sapa trebang, jenih hok mase cakak tu kluor macang meseng gang. dekak-dekat nie baru jupe gok sorang, kat te'pak keje, name die Syafeeq. molek gok die cakak ganu, bleh la melepah sket cakak aku..puah.

kak sini makang memang molek. aku siap sapu "bege". macang-macang keda aku srebu. mek-donel, bege-king, bege-fiu, wengdi, opoto..ade gi'ah, dok ingak'oh. kebak sini molek gok, orang turki buat kang... kawang-kawang islang aku kat sini makang kebak jelah..sebak hala..siang dieorang...dok leh merase hok moleknye ikang goreng tenggelang kak miss-sheng bay.

tapi..sedak mane pun "auckleng" nie, aku rindu gok kat makanang ganu. kepok gete dok soh kate'ah, hok kah yah losong, ngang mok long lorong tujuh. nasi dagang kapung ladang, sotong goreng tenggelang kat batu rakit...tapi hok paling rindu tu...budu aku. taulah aku nie orang 'ganu, macang pelik sket bile tau aku gile budu. nok cari lima, cili semue ade..cume tak dok hok ramuang paling penting, soh ikang cap ketereh. aku cari kat Lim Chour, x dok..kecewa doh...

ok sekiang saje coretang aku..kalu ade peluang, aku masuk gi engtri bah'se 'ganu.

below is the english translation - i know not many can read that...

i dunno y, but i really feel like writing in terengganu (dialect, accent, language).

here at auckland, i still cant find anybody that can speak ganu language really well, those who sounded like machine gun when they started speaking..until recently. met a guy name syafeeq at work, he can speak in it pretty well. at least i can release my want to speak in it..

food here is really good. ive been trying on all burgers that i can see. macdonalds, burger king, burger fuel, wendy's, oporto..etc. kebabs here are good as well, because the turks make it. my muslim friends can only kebab here most of the time, cos its halal. im quite pity that they cant try the superb taste of the fish n chips at mission bay.

but, no matter how tasty auckland food are, i miss terengganu food as well. keropok gentel is of course in the list, espacially the ones sold by kak yah at losong, and mok long at lorong tujuh. i miss nasi dagang at kampung ladang, and deep fried squid at batu rakit too. but what i miss the most, budu. its sounds weird, because terengganu people dont really eat budu as kelantanese do. i can find lime, chillies needed for my budu, only not able to find the main ingredient - Ketereh brand fish sauce. i went to lim chour looking for it, but they dont have it..pretty disappointed.

ok thats all i want to write. will put in a nother 'ganu language entry if i got a chance.