Courtesy of Janice  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

~ Beauty Of A Woman ~

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,

The figure she carries, ot the way she combs her hair.

The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes,

Because that is the doorway to her heart,

The place where love resides.

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,

But true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.

It is the caring that she lovingly gives,

The passion that she shows..

The beauty of a woman with time, only grows..

23 more days to fly off....  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

as the title suggests, i will be leaving to New Zealand to resume my studies there. even though its only 23 days left, i still do not seem to be excited, nor worried at all. some of my friends are so excited and busy shopping here and there. me? nothing as usual, still having lots of free time to work on my game and writing my blog.

im contemplating whether to get myself a new cellphone. i need a camera, music player (at least a reliable one), and perhaps a more functional cellphone. not to say my E398 aint working well, but at times, it seems to dissappoint me when i needed it the most. sometimes, when a text message arrives, it wil display the number of the sender even though u had saved the number earlier. its very embarrasing to text the person back and only to find out that its ur close friend. i am thinking of a N73 (it comes with a good camera, and music player). any ideas anyone out there?

the patriots are going into the superbowl! its very exciting for me, although i miss much of their action in the playoffs. but im sure the superbowl can be really exciting. Brady are good espacially in shotgun formation, where lots of receiver forces the secondary to go down, and left open spaces for brady to work with, maybe dropping a pass to the RB or FB or maybe a TE that run slant route. Im also looking forward to how brandon jacobs are going to get through bruschi, seau, vrabel and thomas. these veteran linebackers are known for their excellent reading of the game. Seau is very good in coverages, thomas on blitzing, Vrabel can even play as receivers. Eli Manning can be a thread, espacially in action plays, where fakes are common.

there i go again, writing about american football where almost nobody in Malaysia knows about it, yet i am so passionate about it. kinda sad huh?

It seems that im not that religious after all. it takes a lot of courage to believe in a God, whom u cant even touch see or smell. attending a church camp last year does make me believe in the tenets of the catholic belief. but the passion died down in a few months time. i did attend massess, but i dun seem to be working more than that. guess faith aint easy for me, a person who doesnt think about god during his younger days, and is even once an atheist.

im going to see my marching band again tonight. the passion for marching band reignites again after i worked for the KL world marching band competition last december. i can still recall the tough days, sacrificing my beautiful weekends on the field, carrying my heads hi-tensioned snare while doing corps marching on the field, 11 am in the morning. in hard, its tiring, but is enjoyable. making music with friends. the band is more than a social group, its a place where everybody develops as a person. i shaped my attitude towards work in the band itself. put in hard work in one place, and u will see the result. perhaps due to my attitude, i have problems with my fellow members, who sees me as a dictator. that was me in a few years back. now, im a laidback and relaxed person, although it may change sometime in the future. i love marching band. i really hope i can join a marching band again.

anyway, i guess thats enough for the day. will update my blog again.

General elections - my hope  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

The General election is around the corner. i can personally feel the heat, as flags of political parties started to show up on some lamp posts, signboard, and children's Basikal nyamuk. That somehow makes me reflect on the current political situation in Malaysia, in which i have doubts in its future. Its a brave and maybe headless thought of me to write about politics in my blog, but ill try to put it in a neutral way.

We all know about how the current government is now. There are just too many stories and instances for me to put on to describe the present government. Unresolved case about Altantuya, reduced religious freedom in the country, Recent shortage of palm cooking oil in the market, Port KLang Free Zone bailout saga, APs, the judicial system that needs reform quick, have somehow show how much the present government needs to be "shaked on its head to wake them up". Since Malaysia is a democratic country where people's votes decide on the government, the easiest way is to vote them out. However, i too have doubts about the opposition parties.

Opposition parties seems to be the champion of the people, by voicing out people's needs and wants. They even formed a so called alternative coalition (BA) to fight BN. however, looking at the form of coalition on BA, it was a loose formation, in fact more loose and unreliable than BN. In the scenario where BA manage to form a 2/3 majotiry in the parliament, and are given the priviledge to form a government, are they going to be better then BN?

I dun think any oppositon party is able to form a 2/3 majority in the parliament in the nect general election. thus, if BN loses its 2/3 majority in the parliament,a mixed govenment will have to be formed, maybe by adding up the seats that DAP, PAS, and PKR won. such government are known to be unstable, and they find it very hard to implement policies.remember that DAP and PAS are almost on the opposite end in its struggles - DAP to form a democratic secular state, while PAS to form an Islamic state.i dun remember if PAS made any statements on the NEP, but if DAP abolishes it, im sure PAS will be against it. if this clash escalates into an ugly conflict, im sure 513 will repeat itself again - even uglier than its senior.

personally, for the prople to effectively "shake" BN's head and to avoid another 513, there is 2 options, in which:

1. a BN to win with 2/3 majority, with a strong opposition presence in the parliament. or,
2. a simple majority for BN, with selected opposition parties selected to form a mixed government.

such situation creates a check and balance in the government and parliament itself, with two strong voices heard in the parliament. with this, corrupt and inefficient officers will never be protected again. any useless project, move, or policies that is unconstitutionally correct will receive a strong objection from the other voice. option number 2 is even better, with the opposition being given a chance to join into the administration itself. first hand experience for the opposition. from there, people will see is the opposition is as good as they have said. if they are even worse than BN, kick them out.

my conclusion, keep BN in the government, but not with so much seats like what they had won in 2004. i really hope the government will be better, be more fair and efficient. i do not want to see BN being toppled, as they had created stability and peace for the diverse races for 50 years.