closure of blog  

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im closing this blog - just as i close a chapter in my life, as a student.

the new Blog will be here:

a little writing for my special one.  

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I close my eyes and i dream of other place,
A place when were all alone.
A place where time stops,
so i can hold your hand and never let it go.

I close my eyes and dream like you right beside me,
The smell of your perfume lingers.
Its like reality when i close my eyes,
To see your eyes sparkle with life and joy

I close my eyes when i miss you,
I close my eyes when i want to see you.
Every time i close my eyes, you're right here by my arms,
Every time when i miss you, ill just close my eyes.

~17th August, 2010~

Kuala Lumpur Pipes and Drums medley 2010.  

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my first competition in malaysia with KLPD. its a whole different feeling coming into the competition as the unofficial "drum sergeant". finished second behind the hongkies.

how do you handle boys who asks too much, and likes to distrupt the class?  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

you ask them heaps of questions, i mean HEAPS. and you asks all of em in quick succession.

here are some examples of what you can ask them:

y r u not listening to me?
what makes you think you can not listen to me?
do you think youre better than me by not listening to me?
if your not listening to me y are you at school?

the more you ask, the more 'putus asa' their face will look like to counter your challenge. then they'll let go of their antics and surrender themselves to your authority.

i love crushing these boys. it hurts them more then just a scolding, or a whack on the ass.

teaching stint in VI  

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im currently in a teaching stint in VI for 3 months, so ill reckon ill probably blog quite a lot of teaching stuff.

beginning teachers we are.  

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this particular article is taken from its as relevant to us as having to shower everyday. do read it if youre a beginning teacher. if youre not, do read it too and gain some insight into the profession.

Hello all, congratulations to those who have started your official 4-year service completing or to most of us, our official lifetime career. For those who are still goyanging kaki, hmmmmm….oh well~

There are a few points I would like to share with you regarding us being a new teacher. I haven’t got to know my posting yet, but I have been thinking about a few possible problems that I may/may not face in school. Actually, all of these ‘problems’ are very well known to all of us, and I am just going to point them out and try to give few suggestions, and I would like to invite you to give some other suggestions.

Insecurities and low self-esteem:

Have you ever feel like lacking in any way about yourself? “I am no better than him”, “I am ugly compared to her”, “They like him/her better because I am not good enough”. If you can find the pattern (…Dr. Lawrence *coughs*), these sentences are all about comparing yourself to someone you think is more ideal in that situation. Insecurities is all about emotions, not self-image, that’s why you found people who has got the ‘package’ – pretty/handsome, smart, rich, popular, etc – still finds themselves wanting more and feeling low at times. As a human being, it’s normal to be kiasu, except that now being a teacher, we must get ourselves to change this mindset, not because we are lying to ourselves saying that we are good, but because we ARE actually that good.


We are all well-prepared and there’s no such thing as “I am not good enough to be doing this profession”. What you can do is believe in your core ideas of self-image, look in the mirror: “I am well-prepared; I am not disable in ANY way (looks, personality etc)”. Because your students cling on to you, they think highly of you (some, very discreetly). Walk straight, chin up, and you will already feeling better. Don’t slouch. Portray a good image as a teacher and your secret I-hate-myself-thoughts (false self-image) will fade away as well. If it does not, it’s time to apply for a second intake on B.Ed courses this June.

Feeling unworthy and discriminated for being ‘different’:

You are new; you do all you can to impress the people around you, you gave 120% when you do a task given to you and all you get – Nothing. Sometimes you get this funny look when you turn your back, and you hear a crispy whisper along with a snicker. Well, in the bilik guru there’s always a brotherhood of cikgu, led by a harsh, very opinionated ‘guru darjah’ with a queen bee character, and no matter how nice you are to them, you can never join this fraternity.

continue reading here

The Chinese Dillema  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

bought myself a copy of this book while shopping for stuffs to bring back home for the long break. I was initially not too sure about buying the book, due to the fact that the title reminds me heaps about Dr. Mahathir's famous 'The Malay Dillema' - a book whose ideas and thoughts can be quite blunt and offensive. nevertheless, i believe the book will be able to answer some questions i have regarding my understanding of Malaysia, as the reviewer mentioned at the back page:

"What the author has done is to discuss publicly issues which are often discussed privately, and that he has adopted a non-partisan view...This book should be read by the younger generations of Malaysians. It may help unprejudiced mind to see things in a better perspective"

Khoo Kay Kim

Different from Dr. Mahathir, Ye chooses to explore Malay-Chinese relations in a more cautious way - his delicate approach is good enough to even allow those hardcores to continue reading. He also has some points that made me look hard and deeper inside of me as a Malaysian Chinese. He tries to convince his readers that affirmative action is not as bad as portrayed, but understand that crutches must be released some day so one could walk properly on one’s two feet.

He also made a point that the Chinese is not always right. He does not see much sense at crying foul whenever opportunity arises without really understanding why, though he acknowledges that most of it is due to our shared history and to this.

Its a book of balanced view, and is not intended to influence people. its more of a book to present you arguments from both sides, and leave the decision making to you yourself.

My advice:

if youre a Chinese that likes to complain and moan about the problems in the county, read it. youll realize that things are as bad as they look like.

if youre a Malay, this book can help you gain an insight of a Chinese mind, what is he thinking, and why is he thinking in such ways.

* ready to borrow the book shall anybody wants to read it.

KLPD - first visit, and i got stuck.  

Posted by Nigel J. W. Ong

as you folks know, ive been playing in a pipe band for 2 years back at NZ. i think it will be a waste if i dont continue here. hence i started my search for a pipe band here in KL.

theres not many options here, i only managed to find a band, the Malaysian Sikh Pipe Band. dropped them a visit, and found out that the band is actually quite successful, winning quite some stuff and have recently played at OZ's ANZAC day parade. however, i do not find their style of play suitable to me, and hence i went around looking for others.(no offence Ajeet, the chemistry just aint there)

a month later i stumbled on a website of KLPD, and i dropped a mail to enquire about their practice and stuff. and a few days later, i found me-self on a car going to their practice.

i love it the first time i hear em playing. the pipes are definitely not cheap as pakistan made ones, and they know their piping stuff, from tuning to reeding and harmonics. everybody is friendly, and the PM (pipe major) Alif has a vision for the band.

the drum corps however, needs quite a bit of help. and thats where i found myself a place to contribute to the band. went to a few more of the practices, and found myself being invited to join the band. i said yes, with no hesitation.

if i managed to stay in KL next year, i can see myself slowly bringing the druming standards to those of the pipes, and play awesome MSRs and medleys, and maybe in a few years time, the band can actually go to compete in OZ, maybe NZ nationals. These goals however, can only be achieved if i managed to get myself posted to KL schools.

however, i try to do as much as i can for the band as for now. ive wrote and practiced with them standard march beatings, and am currently looking at composing drum beats that suit the drum corps ability. i will then lead the drum corps into competing at Malaysian nationals this july at JB, hopefully to retain the championship won last year. aside from that, i will also compete in solo drumming, with my pipe major playing the tune.

i really thank PM Alif for the invitation to join, and i certainly hope to achieve many things with the band!!

heres the link to the band's website:

trying to catch up with months of lack of blogging.  

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hi peeps, just realized that i have not blogged for a wee while, 3 months?

so heres a post to keep yall updated with what happened to me over the 3 months.

1. appointed as the project leader for readers theathre workshop with SK bangsar.
2. won the 1st price for battle of the bands IPBA.
3. went back to NZ to compete in NZ pipe band championships.
4. submitted heaps of assignments.
5. taken up a few proofreading jobs, and made a wee bit of money.
6. taught, lead and performed Ka Mate Haka to IPBArians.
7. cut down drastically on alcohol.
8. joined Kuala Lumpur Pipes and Drums as the drum sergeant.

the first chinese new year song.  

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the all controversial Namewee is out again!

this time, not with his ISA flirting "negarakuku", but a chinese new year song.

and you know what, its not all those typical "dong dong chiang" kinda chinese new year song, but a mix of that with rap. his lyrics basically poke fun at those hibernating artists that only shows up during CNY, trying to make some quick cash.

not just that, he scolds his own folks for not trying to localizing the lyrics - Malaysia never has 4 seasons, why sing about that?

do check it out. youll love it.

for those who dont understand chinese, ill translate the lyrics when NameWees rappin'

1st verse:

Malaysia's CNY album are full of recycled stuffs,
those who sings for CNY can now even produce their own 'the best of' album,
same old style of singing, and the lyrics are never logical,
and then theres always this group that sings wearing red clothes, as red as old chinese soldiers,
even those teen stars have to be brought in to sing CNY songs,
trying to make the scene more happy and lively, instead its more of a sad thing to see,
i thought your image is supposed to be cool?
but why your record company wants you to come out and sing 'dong dong chiang'?

best wishes and hope youll get lucky,
wishing you a good CNY,
wishing you a good encounter with the god of wealth
maybe the god of wealth can even sleep with you.

verse 2:

walaoeh! (a typical hokkien expression denoting feeling flabbergasted)
your lyrics are bothering me so much,
whats with the winter and spring? so you think im kongkam? (stupid)
here, its all about rain, and i have to take the heat everyday,
and now your singing bullshit, i cant take this anymore.
those useless businessman, only knows how to make money,
dont your teacher teaches you that the 4 seasons here in Malaysia are all summer?
im sure youre always late to school, and now youre acting as if you dont know anything,
but theres a big red line called the Equator.

best wishes and hope youll get lucky,
wishing you a good CNY,
wishing you a good encounter with the god of wealth
maybe the god of wealth can even eat cakes with you

verse 3:

firecrackers? on your dick!
this lyric sucks,
even my mom knows that its not legal to light firecrackers here!
maybe youre one of those rich man, that can simply give anybody ang pau,
but please, use logic when youre writing your lyric ok?
walao, sucks hearing those crappy artists singing CNY songs.
its CNY songs, but it sure can develop its own flavour,
and you? you just sing whatever that comes from China,
youve live here long enough,
and for your moms sake, dont you know what is called "localized"?

best wishes and hope youll get lucky,
wishing you a good CNY,
wishing you a good encounter with the god of wealth
maybe the god of wealth can even light firecrackers with you.